This post was written by Peony Lane

This is an easy one.


Where once I used to spend most of my cosmetics budget on lipsticks and mascara, I am now spending far more time and money on ‘slap’ ­ those mythical wonder creams that are supposed to fill in wrinkles, plump up  cheeks, add an ‘iridescent’ glow to my skin and generally, wipe away the evidence of the last ten years of my life on my face.

Whilst cynical about their true effects, it does help make me feel a little better about myself as I ladle on one cream after another ­ with the cumulative effect that it’s undoubted my face looks less haggard and worn. Anybody’s would with so many layers of gunge on it.

But these wonder creams turn out to be pretty useless in the face of a hot flush, where everything glows just a little bit more…becomes just a little bit more shiny and makes the flush ever so more obvious.  I saw my face melting in a mirror the other night and it wasn’t a pretty sight!

A friend of mine tried a water only alternative treatment ­ where she gave up all drinks (including alcohol) apart from our trusty Adam’s Ale, straight from the tap.

To be honest, her skin was better than mine after a month and her purse a lot richer for it.

To coincide with my ‘Mood Swings’ charting, starting Sunday 1st September, I will also be adopting the all water regime.